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They are my home. I cannot express in words the feelings these amazing human beings ignite in me. 
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Out in nature! My teenagers still find wonder in the outdoors. As parents, we must stay strong and get them out there against the,now natural, magnet of screens. ❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️☃️
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This is my kind of heaven: on adventure with my 3 boys! How magical and how unswaddling from the heaviness of this past week!! How do you shake off the heavy swaddles of stress?
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An Unswaddling Pedagogy

This kind of pedagogy introduces teachers to new conceptual and practical territories that are meant to release the tensions that define today’s Western education. If our models of education consider each individual child in his/her wholeness, as a complex being who embodies the world: environment, community, humanity, justice, fears, dreams, life stories, care, wonder, and all the rest that brings us into presence, then educators, in their practice will learn to co-imagine and co-create meanings of the world with their students. By proposing an Unswaddling Pedagogy, I seek to unswaddle the wings of educators and students alike.

Unswaddling Pedagogy is a pedagogy that welcomes and releases the creativity, imagination, and all other meaning making qualities and capacities of children. Through my work I am hoping to inspire teachers to be with young children in ways that would literally free everyone and everything involved in the relationship (children, teachers, environment, community, etc.) from activities, actions, experiences, and events that would restrict rather than encourage and guide children’s imaginative and creative ways of making meaning of the world.

I use the term “unswaddling” as a metaphor of an education that protects, feels, imagines, inspire, loves, cares, and respects the child and his/her qualities of being in the world. “Unswaddling” is not meant to signify a complete, chaotic, and unguided liberation; it rather points to a relationship of reciprocal qualitative acknowledgment of capacities and abilities of making knowledge live …

“Thank you for taking time to visit my website. Please have a look around and drop me an email on your thoughts. I am looking forward to our conversations.”

Video: Unswaddling Pedagogy Introduction

NEW Video: Identifying our own swaddles!

Upcoming Talks/Workshops/Keynotes

Friday February 16th, 2018

SD36/STA Focus Day
Divergent Thinking and Imaginative Education” and “Wonder-Full” Education
Surrey, Vancouver


St. Michael’s Elementary School, in Burnaby BC, implemented the Learning in Depth Program across all grade levels!

I was happy to assist with the implementation.

Interviews with children and teachers on my YouTube channel

LiD workshops are offered to introduce LiD in any educational institution.

There is as well the possibility to have a two-hour introductory discussion online.

If you wish to involve me in implementing LiD at your school



I’ve attended many of Annabella’s workshops and I have never been disappointed. This most recent one was no different. Each time I am looking to attend a workshop, I am looking not just for knowledge, but for inspiration as well. That is exactly what I have found at every workshop done by this wonderful educator.

Danica Pavlikova
Burke Mountain Preschool – Owner and Operator

Best workshop ever! I had so much fun! I hope to go to more of your workshops.

Shannon R.
Simon Fraser University CCS

I felt inspired and challenged!

Annabella, I enjoyed your workshop so much. I felt inspired and challenged and am looking forward to all the learning (my own as well as my students) that will take place in my classroom as the year continues! Teaching is the best job in the world and it is such a gift to be able to be a teacher! I think it is important to let kids be kids, and this is something that I left your workshop thinking about, how can I allow their learning to be authentic and personal while allowing them to be the kiddos they are. Thank you for sharing your passion so openly. I am looking forward to meeting you again and attending another work shop soon.

Carrie Mouillierat
Mar Jok Elementary – Teacher Grade 4/5


Carrie Mouillierat
Mar Jok Elementary – Teacher Grade 4/5

wonder-full edWonder-Full Education

The Centrality of Wonder in Teaching and Learning Across the Curriculum

For many children much of the time their experience in classrooms can be rather dull, and yet the world the school is supposed to initiate children into, is full of wonder. This book offers a rich understanding of the nature and roles of wonder in general and provides multiple suggestions …

Edited by Kieran Egan, Annabella I. Cant, Gillian Judson

In chapter ‘Wonder for sale’ Annabella Cant gives the stark contrast of where we are with motivating our students in their learning. She uses an example from the preface of a curriculum programme in Canada.

Annabella Cant believes the education system can be turned around and so presents her version of the above preface that demands teachers to look into the eyes of their students in order for the teaching to begin.

Dr Coleen R Jackson
Consultant Principal, Waverley Abbey College

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